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Lakeland Church

Our Mission - To Worship Christ In All Things As We Share Him With All People.

by Lakeland

By Kathi Bush MA, LCPC

Welcome back for Part Five. We’re almost done! Up to this point, we’ve covered three points that are essential to building trust. They are: trust is established only in time, trust should happen with “safe” people , and trust is established when good repair work is done following a relationship injury . Now on to point four:

Trust should coincide with good judgment and character discernment .

Trust should coincide with good judgment and character discernment

Many people have felt regret over trusting in a friendship or relationship they shouldn’t have. They didn’t recognize markers or red flags that could have tipped them off. When they eventually recognized signs of trouble, they weren’t sure how to get themselves out. Growing up, they weren’t intentionally trained in character discernment, so they ended up learning it haphazardly, making mistakes that could have been avoided. Sometimes patterns emerged as they got hooked into the same cycle. Eventually, they connected the dots and tried not to repeat mistakes.

One common pattern people find themselves in is to trust “too easily,” giving trust before enough time has elapsed to see if it’s warranted. Another pattern is keeping a consistently harmful relationship in “status quo” mode, hoping the other will change.

A third pattern particularly affecting Christians is remaining in a consistently unhealthy or harmful friendship because the other is also a Christian, and they think they “should” be able to make it work (or, if the friend is not a Christian, remaining in it to be an example of “unconditional love”). These Christians sometimes view stepping back from the relationship as a spiritual flaw or disobedience. In Scripture, we are called to live unified in loving, compassionate, forgiving community and to not harbor bitterness against one other. (Col 3:12-14, NIV, 1985). But we can still fulfill these commands while respectfully stepping back from a relationship that consistently causes harm and has repetitively unsuccessful repair attempts.

We all have different needs and areas of brokenness, so what is a good match for one of us may not be a good match for another. Once we’ve developed fairly good character discernment, we tend to recognize good fits sooner than before. Seek and pursue people that are a safe fit for you. Then give and develop trust in those relationships.

References :


Barker, Kenneth (General Ed.). Burdick, D., Stek, J., Wessel, W., and Youngblood, R., (Assoc. Eds). (1985). The NIV Study Bible: New International Version . Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Bible Publishers.

This wine glass painting glass will be held every 3rd Friday of the month.

Each monthwill be a different unique wine glass painting. This month you will bepainting a Nutcracker Tin Soldier wine glass.

$23pp includes all supplies needed with step by step instructions and abeverage of your choice.NonRefundable. Must register prepay.

Holiday Fare Wine Trail
Saturday, November 19, 2016 - 10:00am to 5:00pm

Event Description: The Holiday Fare Wine Trail, will open the holiday season with a celebration of food and wine pairings at seven Hermann-area wineries, featuring favorite holiday foods. Advance ticket purchase required.

Event Website: Skechers Sport Womens Burst Fashion Sneaker Gray Acklv

Ste. Genevieve Route du Vin
Saturday, November 19, 2016 - 11:00am to Sunday, November 20, 2016 - 5:00pm
Ste. Genevieve Route du Vin Wine Trail

Journey down Ste. Genevieve’s Route du Vin wine trail for a unique “Wine Diva Weekend”! Along the way you’ll be treated to fine wine perfectly paired with a delicious “Diva Treat” at each of the six distinctive wineries within our scenic region.

Event website:

6th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Wine Pairing
Saturday, November 19, 2016 - 11:00am to Sunday, November 20, 2016 - 5:00pm
Jowler Creek Winery

Wondering which wine to serve with your Thanksgiving Feast? At this much-loved annual event you can decide for yourself. You’ll taste each of the wines in Jowler Creek’s lineup alongside a small bite of your favorite holiday foods including turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Cost: $12/person or complimentary for Creek Club members. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Lettuce Dream foundation in Northwest Missouri. No reservations required, just come out between 11 am-5 pm.

Delectable Cupcake Release – Pumpkin
Saturday, November 19, 2016 - 11:00am to Sunday, November 20, 2016 - 7:00pm
Weston Wine Company

Pumpkin pie has had its place at the Thanksgiving table. This year, mix it up and surprise everyone with Pumpkin Pie cupcakes. They’re only $1.99/each, $10.99 for a 6-pack or $19.99/dozen! Feel free to call us at (816) 386-2345 to reserve your cupcakes as they’re only available while supplies last. No reservations are needed for our standard wine tasting - just stop by during business hours to tantalize your taste buds! (Sunday 12-5pm)

Takes one metric or a wildcard seriesList optionally followed by a precision, and rounds each datapoint to the specified precision.

Takes one metric or a wildcard seriesList followed by a constant, and multiplies the datapoint by the constant provided at each point.

Takes one metric or a wildcard seriesList and returns “value per seconds” where seconds is a last argument to this functions.

Useful in conjunction with derivative or integral function if you want to normalize its result to a known resolution for arbitrary retentions

Graph the series on the secondary Y axis.

Returns a SeriesList of series matching all the specified tag expressions.

Returns a seriesList of all series that have tag1 set to value1, AND do not have tag2 set to value2.

Tags specifiers are strings, and may have the following formats:

Any tag spec that matches an empty value is considered to match series that don’t have that tag.

At least one tag spec must require a non-empty value.

Regular expression conditions are treated as being anchored at the start of the value.

See querying tagged series for more detail.

Short form: xFilesFactor()

Takes one metric or a wildcard seriesList and an xFilesFactor value between 0 and 1

When a series needs to be consolidated, this sets the fraction of values in an interval that must not be null for the consolidation to be considered valid. If there are not enough values then None will be returned for that interval.

The xFilesFactor set via this function is used as the default for all functions that accept an xFilesFactor parameter, all functions that aggregate data across multiple series and/or intervals, and maxDataPoints consolidation.

A default for the entire render request can also be set using the xFilesFactor query parameter.


follows the same semantics as in Whisper storage schemas. Setting it to 0 (the default) means that only a single value in a given interval needs to be non-null, setting it to 1 means that all values in the interval must be non-null. A setting of 0.5 means that at least half the values in the interval must be non-null.

Short Alias: sin()

Just returns the sine of the current time. The optional amplitude parameter changes the amplitude of the wave.

This would create a series named “The.time.series” that contains sin(x)*2. Accepts optional second argument as ‘amplitude’ parameter (default amplitude is 1) Accepts optional third argument as ‘step’ parameter (default step is 60 sec)

Smarter version of summarize.

The alignToFrom boolean parameter has been replaced by alignTo and no longer has any effect. Alignment can be to years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes.

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